CallMAX 360's call tracking software will track and measure ROI of your ad campaigns. By using CallMAX  you can instantly assign distinct phone numbers to your ads and start tracking your call analytic's instantly. Below are many features that will help your recruiting department stay in touch with each and every applicant in real time. 

Voice Broadcasting

Send personalized voice messages to your customers. Use our Voice Broadcast to send voice campaigns with our auto dialers. Build your own Text-to-speech application. Pull your targeted areas from previous callers.

SMS Messaging

text messaging has become an effective way for recruiters to communicate with drivers. Send SMS messages to promote hiring offers, updates about application status and more.

Dynamic Number Swapping

Set any number that you'd like to track on any website. When a call clicks into a landing page the number will change. Letting you know the exact source the call came from.

Phone calls reimagined

Build apps that make and receive phone calls. Your code decides what to do with each call in real time. Our flexible API seamlessly integrates into existing systems so that you can combine it with your own business logic. With CallMAX, you can finally create voice experiences that meet the expectations of the modern customer.

Analyze phone calls

Buy phone numbers and assign them to each of your customers. Use CallMAX to route calls, capture stats and record audio. Now you can measure the effectiveness of calls and make hiring decisions based on facts and value.

Route calls with an IVR

Create call trees in a snap (“press 1 for Sales, press 2 for Support”). Once a key is pressed, dynamically route the call to another phone, take a voicemail, start a conference, or send an SMS. Tailor the experience to each customer.

Automate workflows & processes

Trigger calls with code rather than manually dialing. Leverage the text-to-speech engine or play audio clips to callers so that no humans are required. When the call is over, automatically push the results back into your dashboard.

Build a call center

CallMAX's flexible software enables you to build a call center that will route calls to recruiters in an instant. Use CRM data to control call queuing and routing. Record calls and store them in the cloud. And call logs are available right from the dashboard.

Cloud Powered

We're built in the cloud. Our platform is always available, continuously upgraded and auto-scales to meet your needs. When you move your communications to the cloud, you never again have to worry about large hardware investments and long-term contracts. Just pay for what you use and grow as big as you need.