LeadMAX 360 is a complete lead and marketing platform which combines Marketing Automation, Lead Tracking, Call Tracking and CRM into one unique platform. LeadMAX 360 allows you to keep track of your ROI by tracking all website visitors in real-time. LeadMAX 360 tracks every visitor from the first click into your website or from the first phone call made to your sales and marketing team. Our system also tracks the client all the way through the order process and even past the time you convert a prospect to a client.

JobMAX 360 will simplify your sales and marketing efforts by providing your staff with Real-Time Leads and the system will nurture that lead throughout the sales process. If you miss out on a sales this time, LeadMAX will continue to automatically email market to each qualified prospect based on the communication preferences you have set in the workflow of the LeadMAX system.

  • LeadMAX Connect: Connects your sales staff to a client instantly allowing the sales person to call, text or email clients right from the dashboard. Even record the conversation for training purposes.
  • Social Connect allows you to connect to your clients on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn with a click of a button. Share activity with interoffice personnel.
  • Multi-Tab Workflow: Now you can work on several client accounts at the same time. Open several tabs at once without the hassle of going back and forth between contacts. LeadMAX keeps track of all your activity.

LeadMAX 360 is the ONLY TRUE ALL-IN-ONE marketing platform available in the industry today. Sign up now for your 14 day FREE trial and experience the JobMAX difference.