IVR Hosting

Phone Menu App

An IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system is also known as phone menu system. It is an automated phone system that interacts with a caller via pre-recorded or dynamic text-to-speech messages and inputs, via the keypad.

IVR systems are popular as they can handle large call volumes and help reduce the costs associated with customer service. With our app, you can build an entire phone menu system on the VoiceMAX platform (in any computer language), without relying on expensive physical infrastructure.

The instructions below will teach you how to build your own IVR system that can:

  • read a random joke (from Reddit) if ‘1’ is pressed
  • play a song if ‘2’ is pressed
  • say “Sorry, I didn’t catch that. Please hang up and try again later.” if nothing is pressed

The app will operate in the following sequence:

  1. The user dials the VoiceMAX IVR phone number.
  2. The user is prompted with the message “Welcome to the VoiceMAX IVR Demo App. Press 1 to hear a random joke. Press 2 to listen to a song.”
  3. During the call, if the user presses ‘1’, then VoiceMAX reads a random joke from Reddit. If the user presses ‘2’, then Plivo plays a song.
  4. If anything else is pressed or if the user does nothing, then VoiceMAX says “Sorry, I didn’t catch that. Please hang up and try again later.” and hangs up.