Many small businesses find marketing hard to develop, expensive to manage, and difficult to track. So this critical activity goes largely ignored, resulting in reduced revenue and profitability. JobMAX CRM changes all that. Thanks to our Marketing Automation solution, you can now market to potential drivers with unmatched precision, coordination and results.

  • Develop targeted marketing campaigns based on driver profile and history
  • Execute email campaigns around time-sensitive job promotions and opportunities
  • Track marketing expenditures and sources in real-time
  • Focus and improve the quality of your lead generation

In addition, by integrating your marketing management with JobMAX, you can easily track responses to identify what sources are working, modify your efforts on-the-fly, and dramatically improve your marketing ROI.

Plan & Execute Marketing Campaigns

Develop targeted marketing activities, objectives and mmessaging

Define success metrics and measure campaign effectiveness (ROI)

Identify all inquiries, leads and sales to marketing campaigns

Improve Email Marketing

Manage and scrub mailing lists based on real-time leads.
Create dynamic email templates with JobMAX’s Rich-Text HTML Editor.
Set up email opt-out process in compliance with CAN-SPAM act.
Schedule and send mass email campaigns.
Manage drip campaigns (scheduled automatic mailings) using auto-responders for leads and contacts

Measure Marketing Performance

Track campaign performance.
Provide access to reports in both public and/or private folders.
Present information dynamically with highly visual, context-rich interactive dashboards
Customize your dashboards with various Bar, Funnel, Pie, and Line charts to provide detailed analytics,