Conversion Tracking

Measure Your Path to Social Success

Social media marketing is more than counting likes, followers and shares. Today's recruiting marketers need to generate leads and measure the business value of their work. JobMAX Social tracks each lead you generate, and provides the analytics to understand which networks, profiles, groups and posts are most effective.

What Can you do with JobMAX Social?


Schedule your content distribution in advance for any day or time to multiple LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter social profiles, from one single platform.


Manage all of your social marketing, and measure the results for each campaign. View clicks, conversions and engagement for every post, message and group.


JobMAX Social platform not only lets you track your social pushes, JobMAX lets you know who responds. And from which social sites they responded. All with full reporting.

Capabilities Overview

  • Track clicks, conversions, comments and likes
  • View analytics per profile, message or campaign
  • Export data to any format, including Excel, PDF or CSV
  • Capture and save information for any social lead