Landing Pages

Landing pages are at the heart of lead generation on the web. As a marketer you need to constantly create, test and tweak effective landing pages. With JobMAX you can visually create landing pages with no technical skills in minutes, not days and AB test for the best results.

It is time to say farewell to those tedious hours spent with HTML editors and FTP software to build your landing page! JobMAX gives you the JobMAX landing page editor, which doesn't require you to be an HTML expert. The JobMAX landing page editor tool allows you to create, edit and duplicate landing pages within minutes. So now feel free to create LP’s on the move, so be it online ad campaigns, email campaigns or even regular web pages for your site, all this can be done within minutes and online with the JobMAX landing page editor!

Rich Template Library

The PMG landing page editor allows you complete freedom to choose from different templates from its rich template library. So pick any one template from the template library and customize it with your company colors and logo. You are free to choose from any of our SEO friendly templates and start cracking on your LP. You can opt from many template design options, (single column, 2 columns or 3 columns)

Different LP Categories at your disposal

You can select from different LP categories (contest, email page, event page, webinar paid campaign etc). All you need to do is add your content. If adding/ editing images, videos, JavaScript to your LP seem like a cumbersome task, PMG landing page editor makes it completely easy and effortless. Just go to the instructions page and edit and create easily, without any worries.

Get tips and optimize your LP

The PMG landing page editor also gives you tips and best practices to optimize your landing page. So don’t worry if you have to create multiple landing pages for SEM/PPC paid campaigns or even if you have to add pages to your website, the PMG landing page editor will ensure all this happens smoothly.

Preview your LP and go live within minutes

With a preview option for your convenience, your LP can go live within minutes while using PMG tracking code which is automatically added to your LP, you can also track your site within minutes.